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So who does Na-Bi like at the bottom?

So who does Na-Bi like at the bottom? Na-Bi's conflicted feelings are just made worse when she minds house and inspections the latest eco-friendly publication. Within are numerous other paintings. That suggests this lady position amidst a sea off shadowy black colour. This will be a symbol of its very first appointment, when Jae-Eon lay attention on her at ways exhibit. Subsequently, he or she is hoped to perform to your the girl once again and you can have not avoided thinking concerning the woman. Really, it is exhibition some time and every group appear on gallery so you can trust Na-Bi's work. Her Professor is incredibly happy with Na-Bi'S work. Actually, she also offers Na-Bi the ability to “give their wings” and you may visit Paris. It's a massive opportunity however, she cannot stop frowning. Why? Really, Jae-Eon's maybe not truth be told there. Do-Hyeok comes in the event, shelling out a great bouquet off plant life regrettably knowing the basic facts. Na-Bi is actually like having Jae-Eon as there are little he can do in order to transform you to. Even if Perform-Hyeok turns up as promised, Na-Bi thanks him and you can apologizes having breaking their heart. [...]
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