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I have come to fall in love with her

I have come to fall in love with her Take a look at two websites for tips about sexting: and Good luck Hey, I am caught in a rough situation. I have been talking to a girl for 8 months now and we met when I was 17 and she was 16. She lives in Kansas and I live in Florida. I went out to see her in March and her parents allowed it and was okay with christian cupid us dating. Her dad just recently found a video that I sent to her and he took the phone to the Police. How likely am I to get prosecuted over this? As far as I know the police still have her phone. I don't know all the details but the police did come to her house,handcuffed her, and took her to the police station last night. She was released with an hour or so. I have heard nothing from the police. How long does it normally take? Dear Garrett: The police have a liberal time limit when an investigation is underway regarding criminal activity. Usually charges must be filed within a year or longer once the crime has been committed. [...]
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