40 Web Development Projects For Beginners HTML CSS Bits and Pieces

HTML structures the form, and CSS styles it to achieve the glassy effect with blurred backgrounds and transparency. This design not only looks visually appealing but also enhances the user experience by creating an intuitive and attractive login interface, making it a popular choice for modern web designers. HTML projects unleash creativity in the learner as they tend to design webpages, structuring and organizing the elements in a variety of ways. These projects make the developer think from two perspectives that are of the user who browses the web page and the developer who is designing it. HTML Projects provide practical knowledge of real-life scenarios and sharpen coding skills.

We also need to make sure the menu items are side by side and not on top of one another, so Flexbox will be instrumental here again. To place the logo and menu items side by side, I will be using Flexbox. I will also hide the bars because we only need them on mobile devices. To style the logo, I will make the first red, the second blue, and the .fist red. Both red and blue colors have been set as the secondary color and primary color respectively in the CSS variables. All links will be blue in appearance and red on hover – correlating to the primary and secondary colors.

Advanced HTML Projects

Presentational instructions should be kept separate from semantic and structural markup, as advised by software best practices. For a website to be aesthetically beautiful and effective, HTML data must be formatted using CSS or Javascript. Within the following blog sections, you’ll discover various vital HTML projects for developers of all levels.

html web development projects

CSS can be used to add additional fashionable components to the page. It can be considered one of the best HTML CSS projects for beginners. Building a website for a pizza shop is a fun project that combines your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills to create a mouthwatering online presence.

Drop Menu Pure CSS

Some beginners use online website builders like Wix, WordPress, and Elementor to create parallax websites quickly. However, these tools undermine the challenge and learning process of creating a parallax effect from scratch. Whether you’re looking to land a job as a web developer or enhance your portfolio, I’ve included html projects for beginners, improvers, and experienced pros. The most efficient method to learn any language, including HTML, is through projects.

html web development projects

The simplest code defines how each website component should be shown. But do you know that you can create your own meme generator using basic web development skills? You need to have a HTML web development decent knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build this responsive meme generator that will allow you to create custom memes by adding funny or sarcastic captions to the images.

Learn web development

Project Details – A hamburger menu, created with CSS and JavaScript, is a compact navigation element commonly used on websites to save screen space. It expands into a menu when clicked, providing user-friendly navigation, particularly on mobile devices, and enhancing the overall user experience. Project Details – A card image hover effect is an engaging design feature that adds interactivity to websites and apps. When users hover over an image in a card, it triggers dynamic visual changes like scaling or revealing more information, enhancing user engagement, and encouraging content exploration. Project Details – Cards are small pages that are used to display product information.

A majority of learning happens through Youtube as well.PS Youtube also provides entertainment. We cannot give you a chance to do so now, however, you can make one for yourself and add it to your portfolio using your skills. It’s time to master JavaScript with a minor project of making a quiz application. You will also get a feel as to how developers work when they are given a design and are to make an exact copy of it. DEV Community — A constructive and inclusive social network for software developers. Holy smokes, where did you find so many great looking designs and the time to code them?

Create a Task Management System in Python with Tkinter

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html web development projects

By utilizing HTML and JavaScript, it triggers actions like updating the cart’s contents, displaying item quantities, and calculating the total. Project Details –An image color picker using JavaScript is a unique project that helps users extract color from images with the help of JavaScript events. The image color picker helps in choosing the color, and when the user clicks on the image, we get the details of the color from the image. Project Details – A vertical CSS timeline is a creative way to present interrelated information on a webpage.

Survey Form

With this and some other minor stylings, the dark theme switcher will be more visible. We need to do this because what we need is the functionality of a checkbox to switch between light and dark mode – but we don’t need to make it visible to the user. To make the button visible everywhere and look good, I’m going to give it a fixed position and increase the width and height. I will also give it a cursor of pointer, so the user knows what is happening when they hover their cursor on it. With the defined grid row and column, the first image will occupy the first 2 rows horizontally, and the first 2 columns vertically. More still need to be done, because there is a white space and one of the images is not visible anymore.

  • Of course, the iPhone landing page is technically complex, so you won’t build it as your first project.
  • At the bottom mention the links for shopping, store, career or contact details.
  • With knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3, you can also create your portfolio.
  • At this level, the projects will put practically all of the talents you’ve acquired over your career to the test.
  • It allows structuring the web page with different elements such as images, videos, links, texts, etc.
  • So it is important to know the structure and layout of the website that you would like to build.

Adding a dark/light mode switch to your website is not only trendy but also functional. With this project, you’ll explore how to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to allow users to switch between different color themes. It’s a great way to learn about user preferences and customization options in web development. Sign up now to get my free guide to teach yourself how to code from scratch. If you are interested in learning tech skills, these tips are perfect for getting started faster. It’s possible to learn how to code on your own, and it’s possible to land your first developer job without any formal education or traditional CS degree.

Advanced HTML Projects with Source Code

If you’re wondering why there’s no img tag, it’s because I planned to bring in the background image with the CSS background property. In the CSS code snippet above, I’m removing the default margin and padding assigned to all elements by browsers and setting the box-sizing to border-box. To do this, you’ll be integrating with a weather API like OpenWeatherMap and then polling this service to fetch and display data within your app. API integration is a foundational skill for web dev pros, making this project a great way for you to hone these skills.

How We Build Micro Frontends

Whether they count as programming languages or not, there’s little doubt that HTML and CSS—along with JavaScript—form the cornerstone of the World Wide Web. Fortunately, they are some of the easiest technologies to learn and showcase. HyperText mark-up language is a standard mark-up language that allows developers to structure, link, and present webpages on the world-wide-web.

If you’re still new to web development, this is a great way to level up your foundational skills. Also, pay attention to the file name and path you use for the external CSS stylesheet. For these HTML projects, rather than using inline styles, we’ll be getting you familiar with external CSS stylesheets, as this is a far cleaner and more professional approach. If you don’t already know, it’s almost unheard of in 2023 to see an HTML page without some form of CSS styling. So if you’re ready, let’s dive into these html projects to help you further your web development career.

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