And the other gods in addition to begin compromising the morale one to by one to

And the other gods in addition to begin compromising the morale one to by one to

HuoChi and that is sees the two of them

Xueying noticed that she was being employed by the latest devils, thus she beat-up this new guy you to definitely sure this lady to help the fresh new Devil World. Both of them died at the end. (I’m pretty pleased you to definitely XueYin passed away, however, I feel instance the lady dying should’ve already been way more revengeful)

SCANDAL Date: MuGuang has become the newest Beautiful Emperor, and he is going to wed WuHuan. (now she’s got most of the standing she wants :((( ). Apparently, GuJun and you may WuHuan have a child (who’s created of a keen eggs, that’s kinda odd, however, ok) . GuJun got individuals doing fortune-telling, and you will are told one to their child could well be a genuine Immortal.

Skips in order to when HouChi is actually grown up. Appear to, HouChi has been really crappy at the woman spells, a lot like ShangGu at first. But when she got checked-out for her spells, principal site she (amazingly) managed to do the enchantment correctly, whether or not she invested much time seeking perform they, nonetheless it failed to really works.

[Ep 17] Ohp nevermind. Contemplate the thing i said on HouChi being able to do the enchantment truthfully for the first time? As it happens, the lady grasp did one to for her. HouChi, for example ShangGu, was also born which have closed religious blood vessels.

OOOOHHHHH, therefore HouChi has actually a friend, named BoXuan, and then he 's the “masked champion”. He could be BAIJUE’S REINCARNATION. Yayyyyy! But he is moved incognito/lost to own ten,100 ages because of a trial. (tbh, I enjoy title ShangGu and you may BaiJue more HouChi and you can BoXuan)

Such lower immortals spin a tale on their Learn, ZiYuan, as they forgotten the latest Fire Coral, so they really lay about it and you may force the fresh blame for the HouChi and you can FengRan (HouChi’s grasp).

JingZhao are MuGuang and you will WuHuan’s girl, and this woman is *spoiled. She plus acts kind of like WuHuan, such as for example, enjoying and you can abusing the lady position, etc etc

HouChi visits the low areas, and because she has not left the brand new QingChi castle from inside the 10,one hundred thousand decades, there is a lot of hearsay about the girl. You will find also men promoting a picture of HouChi, while the every person thought that she really was unattractive, and you may nowadays, the picture from HouChi is utilized so you’re able to “lure aside evils”.

Oh, very seem to, BaiJue’s reincarnation, QingMu, is additionally extremely strong. from strange) . They are a lot more comfortable and you may free than just BaiJue, however, he still will not like to talk with lady. JingZhao keeps an excellent crush to your QingMu… ugh… I claim, the woman is XueYin’s reincarnation. They’re going towards a stroll together with her.

He or she is this new North-sea Celebrity Lord, and you can (their hairstyle also changed, also it seems kind

BoXuan observes HouChi (and cheesy songs shows), but I’m convinced the guy often forgot the lady, or pretended that he did not know the lady. Nonetheless they start on a bad foot. QingMu realises they own the same wristband, hence intended that they are connected somehow. (works out you to while in the his demo, the guy forgot about HouChi)

[Ep 18] FengRan and you can ZiYuan start assaulting at the DongHua’s birthday, and you can HouChi uses the latest wristband so you’re able to pretend she’s got really effective spiritual fuel. She ends up brand new assaulting, and seems absolutely epic within her recently turned gowns, and the way she talks straight back within crappy people is actually so *queen-like. QingMu notices ShangGu inside the ambitions. HouChi plus makes it so as that anyone who attempts to crack the fresh new limit on the ZiYuan becomes hit by lightning. JingZHao is actually without a doubt the person who got hit by the super.

Ohhhhhh, I am speculating one to DongHua was among the immortals nevertheless alive in the big strive between your devils and you can immortals, nowadays the guy thinks one QingMu is much like BaiJue, and you will HouChi is similar to ShangGu a great deal.

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